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POOL-O-MATIC For In Ground Swimming Pools
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POOL-O-MATIC For Above Ground Swimming Pools
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Reason to buy the POOL-O-MATIC

There is no reason you should have to manually fill your Swimming pool or worry about the water level. Get a Pool-O-Matic and your problem is over.

POOL-O-MATIC is a very durable and always dependable automatic pool filler and will give you many years of dependable service.

Swimming Pools lose water for several different reasons. Evaporation from sun and wind are normally the main reason, swimmers splashing water from the pool or, a minor leak in the pool itself.

If your pools water level drops below the skimmer and causes the pump to run dry, serious damage to the pump motor can and will occur.

Pool owners find themselves constantly checking water levels, having to turn on the hose to fill the pool and then worry about turning it off before overfilling. POOL-O-MATIC is small and very easy to install. Just attach the POOL-O-MATIC to a good grade garden hose and that's it!

POOL-O-MATIC gives pool owners peace of mind that there pools water level is always exactly where they want it.


* POOL-O-MATIC is designed for most above Ground pools and In ground pools.

* Very Heavy duty design guarantees many years of dependable operation and it will stay where you put it

* Automatically maintains water level 24/7

* Helps prevent pump motor damage by keeping a good level.

* Less than half the size of similar units.

* Easy to install.

* Can be used temporary or permanently. We recommend using it permanently.

* Thin design and furniture grade PVC allows the POOL-O-MATIC to blend into any swimming pool Environment.

* Easy Slide Adjustment For Desired Water Level with Stainless safety bolt to hold it at your desired water level.

* Can be easily modified by the customer for use in Hot tubs, Spas or for ponds.

* Heavy Duty float design guarantees the water level is always where you want it.

We know you will enjoy many years of problem free operation and the piece of mind that your pool is at a perfect level all year long.

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